Like many, one of my biggest fears is the dentist.

A bigger fear would be to end up in this situation:

As much as I fear the dentist here in Australia, I am terrified of needing one in India. So as I wrote my lists of things to do, dentistry was quite high up there.

My dentist saw me coming, and rubbed his hands with glee as I asked him to fix anything that was wrong, with a view to ensuring my teeth remained stable for a few years.

So far, I have had two appointments with my dentist, spent $560 and my teeth are no closer to being fixed. My dentist has been x-raying me, making plaster moulds of my teeth and putting a dental health plan together.  Today he looked at me and told me he thinks he has a plan that is achievable in the next 7 weeks.  Achievable at a cost of $7,625!

So now I face a difficult choice. Do I dig into my savings, earmarked for India, to make my teeth indestructable, OR do I take the risk and hope a street dentist in India can do the job if my occlusals wear down?

No matter which choice I make, I fear I will regret it.