Opportunity Cost: Travel for travel’s sake or is it all about getting a good photo?

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I finally set out on my journey to travel across India, leaving the safe haven that had been my family’s home in Vadodara.

First stop was Udaipur, dubbed the most romantic city in India.  It certainly was stunning, particularly as the monsoon had filled the lakes.  I would love to show you a photo, but I can’t because my brand new camera stopped working.  I didn’t drop it, or put it in water… quite simply one day it worked fine and the next day it was dead.

As I wandered through Udaipur, I actually found myself getting more and more upset that I couldn’t capture the moment.  Almost to the point where it was actually inhibiting my enjoyment of this stunning town. I am not an expert photographer, I just like to fiddle with a camera and take some snapshots from my travels. So why was I letting my lack of camera, ruin my experience of such a beautiful place?

My next stop was Amritsar, the city of the Golden Temple.  As I prepared to board my train to Amritsar, I felt heavy because I knew I would not be able to capture the sun shining off the temple.  Instead I would just have to burn the image to my memory and hope I could do it justice over the years.

Rather than put myself through that, I rang another cousin who lives in Delhi and cancelled my ticket to Amritsar.  I hopped off the train in Delhi and am now parked here for at least a week whilst my camera (hopefully) gets fixed.

This has put a blip on my travel plans.  I had been so looking forward to getting my traveling boots back on and exploring some new places, fresh air and hopefully cooler weather in the north.  Instead, I am (quite comfortably) sitting around Delhi in the middle of monsoon.  Whilst I can and will see lots of different things here, I have been to Delhi before and seen the major sights. My family is wonderful, but right now I would prefer to be on my own exploring new things.

Of course, nothing is stopping me from getting back on a train to Amritsar and continuing on.  I can always pick up my camera at a later date. For some reason I find myself paralysed though.  I would rather lose a week or two of travelling, than risk being on the road without my camera, just in case I miss an amazing shot.

Crazy but true!  Especially for someone who  isn’t a great photographer.  It’s not like I will look at these photos everyday or win awards for them.

So have I made the right choice, or am I missing out some experiences of a lifetime, all on the off-chance I will get a photo that is even better than the actual memory.