Pictorial Post: The Keralan Backwaters

The backwaters of Kerala are one of the biggest tourist destinations in South India. The backwaters are essentially fresh water tributaries that end up rolling into the sea.

I visited that backwaters twice, once from Alleppey where I literally stayed on the backwaters and then again from Kochi. The true beauty for me is about how peaceful they are and how “real” life is on them.  As you travel along in a canoe, you are privy to the lives of the local villagers as they go about their daily business… washing their clothes and themselves, cleaning fish, making toddy (a fermented beverage made from coconut milk).

Here are some of the things I saw on the backwaters.

Having a conversation

The backwater village

Rowing the canoe


Collecting grass to feed the animals

After a glass of Toddy

Packing rice from the paddies