Pictorial Post: Udaipur

Udaipur is one of the few places I have visited twice in my past 9 months of travel.  It was my first port of call after leaving my family in Gujarat at the start of my backpacking journey, and was also the last place I visited before moving to my new home in Mumbai.

I love Udaipur, its a beautiful city. Full of romance on the Lake and beautiful palaces, Udaipur is magical and best told in photos I think. However before I leave the photos to talk, I have to mention the spectacular food that we had in Udaipur at this little organic place called Millets of Mewars on Hanuman Ghat.  It was simply wonderful north Indian vegetarian food cooked from the heart, we ate there everyday and I can’t recommend it enough.

Lake Palace

Jagminder Palace

View from City Palace