Morning Walks in Bandra: Pictorial Post

I have settled into the bayside suburb of Bandra, otherwise known as the Queen of Suburbs. It is home to Shah Rukh Khan and other lesser known but glamorous people and lots of fabulous restaurants and cafes. It is also home to poor fishing communities, some beautiful churches and lots of street side stalls. Whilst the two sides of Bandra are worlds apart, they seem to co-exist side by side along the seaside.

Every morning before the summer heat sets in I walk down to the bay and  take a walk along the newly manicured path on Carter Road.  Between this path and the famous Bandra Bandstand is a fishing community that I walk through. It is here that I see the real Bandra, away from the glitz and Mercedes Benz, this is where real life happens.

These are some of my photos that I have taken of early mornings in Bandra.

Peeling the prawns

Where there is space and some water there is always someone washing clothes.

Dobhi Walla

Along the Carter Road path each morning, groups of children meet to learn.  I am not sure if this is a properly registered school, but it is definitely organised.


This was a rare moment where there wasn’t a long queue waiting for her pooris.

Frying the Pooris

A very common site anywhere in Mumbai, a rickshaw driver having a nap.

Waiting for Business

I am not sure where these two fellows were going, but they certainly looked like they were dressed for something.

Morning Stroll

A common breakfast bar with samosas and chai on offer.

Breakfast Stall

These poor birds were slowly being offloaded at the various butchers that line the small laneways.

Travelling to their Fate

The morning catch ready for sale.

Morning Catch

Bathing, washing clothes and collecting water, all part of daily activities by the bay.

Morning Chores

Would God Approve?

This bridge is built in the sea for a freeway, space is a luxury in Mumbai and it now encroaches well into the sea.

The Sealink Bridge from Bandra Fort