Foodie Post: My Favourite Locals

I love food.

That is certainly not a revelation to anyone who has read some of my posts, seen my tweets or followed me on Instagram.  Good food to me isn’t just about eating gourmet though, its about just enjoying some of my favourite things and being able to go back to those that are reliable.

In Melbourne I was definitely a cafe girl, with most of my Sundays spent reading the paper and having a long brunch in a cafe with a few good friends.

Moving to a new city is a challenge, because I hav had to discover all the places around me to find what I like (yes I know, a very horrible task indeed!).  When it comes to food, I have struggled in Mumbai with two things in particular:

1. Everything is “Indianised”.  Its not that I don’t like Indian food, I love it, but when I want to eat Italian or Chinese or just brunch, I don’t want it to be “Indian”. I don’t want everything doused in masala or too much chilli.  So trying to find something that suits my palate is a real challenge.

2. Eating fresh food that is “safe” is a challenge.  I like eating fresh salads, and in Mumbai, particularly during monsoon, that is always a bit like playing Russian Roulette with your digestive system.

In the little microcosm that is Bandra, I have managed to find a few locals that I keep going back to.  The food is good, simple, fresh and authentic.  These are my favourite locals so far:


For fabulous crepes filled with everything from goats cheese and apple, to ratatouille to belgian chocolate… simply fabulous!

Suzette’s Crepes


Whilst everyone tells me this is the best Mexican food in Mumbai, I have to say I find the food pretty ordinary and don’t rate it at all.  However, their margharita’s are superb!

Margharita Pitcher at Sancho’s

Eat Around The Corner

My usual Saturday afternoon take away lunch point is a great little cafeteria around the corner from my house, called Eat Around the Corner.  They do great fresh salads, and I recently discovered they deliver as well, so now I get to have them for lunch during the week too.

EATC Fresh Salads


I only have two words to describe this bakery and patisserie shop……Oreo Brownies (oh and yes Mum they do make eggless versions).

Oreo Brownie

The Bagel Shop

For just a plain bagel or sandwich and simply the best mango crush, I can’t go past The Bagel Shop.

Mango Slushie

Cafe Mangii

Last, but certainly not least, is Cafe Mangii.  It is not cheap, but it is hands down the best Italian food I have eaten in Mumbai.  Beautiful thin crust pizzas and fresh pasta.  I don’t have photos because I tend to inhale the food too quickly when it arrives (usually I get home delivery).

I am always happy to try out new locals, if you have any please let me know.